About Barista

Guitars, Drums, Chords and Lyrics…

Barista’s story and debut album ‘DayDream’ bring new perspectives on the place and function of music in modern-era living. Music, this magicful machine now sadly rendered an ordinary consumable, ironically possesses the power to link veiled inner dimensions to outer daily routines. It makes possible for any of us the ultimate discovery of existence by bringing together what we inherently need to symbolize and how we do express.  Experiences of life, love, loss offer glimpses of this discovery: this is Barista’s main theme.

Take Love, for example (popular subject).. What better than music to explain that Love isn’t actually about the beloved but about our inner workings that remain concealed under layers of emotion and fantasy which constantly clash our need to grow? Each track in DayDream expresses real emotions; there is something for every one in each track: lucid tunes on unpretentious chords, with real instruments.

It all started from a garage band in a small studio in Kadikoy, Istanbul.  With music, the complete amateur turned into a bard. Growing thru phases, aided by many pros, DayDream retains its roots in the mysterious life of our ordinary inner workings. 

What makes a musician, really; is it training, literacy, technique?  We like to think that any one who chooses music as a means of expression is a musician - ‘formally-trained’ and ‘no-sense-of-rhythm’ alike: any one seeking his reality in his own depths.

Or, with NO relevance to the stuff above, any one just after some good music..

Welcome to Barista’s enchanted world!


Bahadır Han Eryılmaz: Drums, Vocals
Evren Arkman: Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Sara Azriel Schaub: Vocals
Matthew Heulitt: Guitar
Barış Göker: Keyboard
Aksel Belibağlı: Guitar
Özgür Yenilmez: Bass
Emrah Bingöl: Guitar